What is poikilocytosis?

Poikilocytosis refers to when you have poikilocytes in your blood. What are poikilocytes you ask? These are abnormally shaped red blood cells. Poikilocytosis refers to when more than 10% of your blood cells are deformed. there are many many types of poikilocytes, including Spur/Spike cells, Target cells, Burr cells, Elliptocytes, Spherocytes, Mouth cells, Sickle Cells, […]

Blood – The Special Juice

The most vital fluid in the body is the blood. It brings nutrients and oxygen to the cells and also removes waste materials such as carbon dioxide from the body. This vital fluid is composed of: Red Cells Red cells are large microscopic cells without a nuclei. These cells transport oxygen from the lungs to […]

Blood Test

Blood test is considered important factor in determining if a person is suffering from poikilocytosis. Blood test is an essential component of the initial evaluation of all patients with hematologic disorders. Examining blood films stained with Wright’s stain provides evident clue in the diagnosis of anemia and other disorders in blood such as leukocytes and […]

Low white blood cell count

The white blood cells in the human body are very important in that they are essential for a healthy immune system. The white blood cells are present to help with fighting off infections. If a person has a low white blood cell count, the body will become a lot more susceptible to serious and life […]

Blood Cancer and its Cure

Blood cancer is a a disease which stops the formation of blood and attacks bone marrow or lymphatic systems. Blood cancer is categorized into three types: leukemia,lymphoma and multiple myeloma. Leukemia can be acute or chronic. Acute leukemia found mostly in children, occurs due to uncontrolled production of white blood cells. This production leads to […]

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